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Craps at Casino-Mate

Wait, did someone say craps? The Casino Mate platform knows a lot about this beautiful online game. What is more, it offers many variations with all sorts of innovations. The fact that you are reading this short guide explaining the game's rules means you are about to embark on your unique path to big winnings and pure enjoyment. We should admit that online craps are a worthy competitor to other successful gambling games. You have chosen something that could improve your pastime several times over!

If you do not believe that, look at other users who won't stop talking about craps. We are sure you would not mind trying your hand at this kind of gambling, would you? So, if you are highly interested in increasing your regular income while doing what you like, we suggest you waste no time and go deeper into the basic principles of online craps right now.

Casino Mate's Craps & Basics of the Game

So, we are happy to report that craps do not require you to have any special skills or expertise. It involves playing with dice. For better understanding, we have developed a mini-instruction that will familiarize you with the game's primary task and realization. So here is what you need to do from the beginning to the end of the round:

  • a) Bringing in your wager. This is what any gambling game starts with. Speaking of craps, you can bet on the output of the roll of two dice. Frankly, you will discover many distinct sorts of stakes you can complete, but the "pass line" bet is the essential one. To make a pass-line bet, position your chips on the "pass line" space of the craps table. Thus, this step is crucial, so do not be lazy to learn other existing wagers and analyze them thoroughly. 
  • b) Start rolling the dice. After you have proceeded with your bet, the game begins. Now you should push the "roll" button to roll the virtual dice. Look at the outcome of this action. It determines whether you triumph or lose your bet.
  • c) Track the result. There are a couple of possible outcomes. Firstly, you can receive seven or eleven points on the dice. It is beneficial since you can win the pass-line bet in that way. On the other hand, the pass-line bet is lost if the total is two, three, or twelve. In case the sum is any other number, it comes to be the "point" number.
  • d) Repeat the action. The game proceeds with supplementary rolls when the point number is demonstrated on the screen. You tend to receive the point number again to triumph over the wager. However, in this case, getting a seven will mean a loss.
  • e) Learn about extra wagers. Actually, there are even more side bets that you can implement. This is a great way of gaining extra money. But be careful and make sure you comprehend how they work to avoid ending up with nothing or even losing your capital.
  • f) Let the game go on! Actually, it is a never-ending game, just like any other gambling game. So you ought to decide when you have to stop. Craps is such a fascinating activity that you will not desire to close the tab with it on your screen. However, if you spend all your chips or want to cash out what you gained, the round ends.

Finally, you ought to remember that craps can be a complex game with multiple classifications of stakes and techniques. Besides, practicing playing gratis craps before you begin wagering actual finances is a fair conclusion.

Variation of Dice Games at Casino-Mate

The question of what versions of online craps Mate Casino can deliver should also be discussed. It is not a secret that a famous option of Casino-Mate online craps is the ordinary round of craps. Actually, it heeds the identical rules as habitual craps that were taken up a long time ago. You already know that participants complete an assortment of stakes, comprising pas-line bets and other wagers, since craps contain supplementary options. Overall, the standard characteristics of craps are flawless for any user.

Are you curious about another rendition of Casino Mate craps? Then we have prepared live dealer craps for you. This variation is developed with a live dealer, as a rule. It entitles you to watch how he throws the dice in the present moment, which makes you more excited. To sum up, another person appears to enable you to oversee the game. Isn't it great? However, we also got you another useful feature that makes it possible to resort to any gadget to gamble.

As you might have guessed, the mobile version of craps has been developed for tinier screens. Casino-mate also presents a mobile version of online craps so the partakers can get a kick out of the game on their phones and tablets. This way, participants are going to take pleasure in the same high-quality gaming features on their mobile devices as they would on a desktop computer.

To sum up, Casino-mate is a notable online casino that submits a vast mixture of casino games and online craps. Craps is a game of nice perspectives for achieving incredible profit. You also learned that it pertains to rolling two dice. Remember to place money on the output for receiving promising portions of funds. Once again, at Casino-mate, participants can discover several versions of online craps. Consider becoming one of them!

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