Undoubtedly, Casino Mate has a very responsible approach to the organization of the space for gambling games because the developers always strive for perfection! They are happy to provide all sorts of features for comfortable and easy gaming. That is why there are so many different promotions and special offers on this site. Some of them are available to absolutely all registered users, and some are unlocked only after acquiring a VIP program called Club Mate. Either way, you can treat yourself to free surprises and get a lot of benefits. Thus, the generous prizes will provide you with great success and cool winnings. Especially since the conditions for obtaining them are unbelievably simple, and often there are no additional rules for promotions at all! For instance, players receive some of the prizes on a specific occasion, such as holidays or certain days of the week. That is why you should take a closer look at all of the existing promotions at Casino Mate so you can always be aware of the most enjoyable events!

Types of Casino Mate Promotions 

So you will stumble upon various curious Casino Mate promotions on the website. Each of them is genuinely unique and highly favorable. And of course, you will have the opportunity to take advantage of them. Let's not waste time! Hurry up to gain the most advantageous offers.

Welcome Offer

Of course, among all the other Casino Mate promotions you will be given a welcome bonus to encourage you to play with bigger satisfaction. As soon as you sign up a package of several bonuses will be offered to you. Can you imagine up to $1400 and eighty free spins as a reward? However, this amount is divided into four separate prizes. During the time you make your first deposit, you will be credited with an additional amount in your account equal to the made deposit plus twenty free spins! On top of that, each of several next bonuses provides you with 50% of your next three deposits and of course 20 free spins similarly.

Now You See Me Sunday Prize

In fact, this is probably one of the most intriguing and exciting rewards according to a lot of participants. In addition, this kind of bonus is rare to see anywhere else. So, what does “Now you see me Sunday” mean? Actually, this is a weekly promotion, which is only available on Sundays, as you might have guessed. It is kind of like a lottery. The point is that the participant is given a choice of five gifts. However, they are all hidden, so the user does not see what he selects and clicks on a random prize. After that, your winnings will be revealed to you and you can take them away! To participate in such a lottery, you need to go to the tab deposits. Pay attention that the lowest deposit amount is twenty dollars for receiving a welcome bonus.

Mon(ey)days Bonus 

So, the user can attain a reward not only on Sunday but also on Monday! With such a prize, Mondays will definitely become more pleasant for you and bring a lot of positivity. The offer says that when you enter Mate Casino on that day, a 40% bonus of up to two hundred dollars is available! No more boring or exhausting days! 

The Weekender Offer

This is a great prize, even a set of prizes from which participants choose what they like the most! Bonuses are never superfluous. That is why Mate Casino is giving you four outstanding rewards. Note that in order to obtain the first three you must make a deposit of twenty dollars or more, and for the fourth bonus you must deposit fifty dollars or more. So, pick two of the available options listed: 

  • a) forty percent Match bonus
  • b)  twenty “three coins” free spins plus a thirty percent Match bonus
  • c) forty free spins in the Dragon Peals game 
  • d) twenty free spins in the Sun of Egypt 2 online game 

Enjoy the weekends with the Weekender! 

The Perfect Match Promotion

Casino Mate promotions are actually very promising. The Perfect Match bonus is a one-time offer, but it certainly will be quite useful. Basically, it is a 35% Bonus on your deposit. To activate it, the user must make a deposit of twenty to seventy dollars.

Surprising Bonus Booster

Actually, the Mate Casino platform is full of nice surprises! That is why the Surprising Bonus Booster has prepared two excellent bonus options that will increase your in-game capital including no deposit Casino-Mate bonus. You are going to get a fifty percent prize after completing a deposit of one hundred fifty dollars or more. Alternatively, there is a bonus of 25 percent when you deposit at least twenty dollars. 

To sum up, in addition to the generous bonuses that you regularly obtain in a casino game, other amazing Casino Mate promotions are also available to participants frequently enough. Learning about bonus offers brings you a good deal of benefits. Gambling has never been so easy and enjoyable, don’t you agree with this? Now you can notice plenty of opportunities to win bigger sums at the Casino Mate online casino.