As a favored online casino, Casino Mate has implemented an excellent loyalty program that you are going to enjoy more than anything! It rewards all active clients regularly for their patronage. The Casino Mate loyalty program is developed in order to incentivize participants to proceed to play and to thank them for their choice of an online casino for gambling. Actually,  there is a variety of exclusive advantages and perks. The function is really understandable. The thing is that users can collect points for every dollar they wager on their favorite games. These points can then be redeemed for a range of bonuses. These are outstanding cashback, free spins for slots, and other exciting prizes. It is time for you to fully explore the ins and outs of the Casino Mate loyalty program and take a closer look at those pros that gamblers can appreciate by joining. 

Who Can Use the Casino Mate Loyalty Program? 

So, as you already know, the Casino Mate loyalty program is a unique rewards system. Basically, it performs the function of giving various bonuses to players. But who can take part in it? Are there any special conditions for participating? Actually, the main requirement for joining the program is to act like a loyal true-hearted player. This also encourages you to keep playing, don't you agree? The program is obtainable to all people who correspond to the two main parameters. The first one is having an account at the casino, and the second condition is actually playing for actual cash. Once a player has signed up, they can begin earning loyalty points by playing their favorite casino games. Talking about Casino Mare loyalty points…

How to Receive Casino Mate Loyalty Points?

In fact, you do not have to do anything special to earn Casino Mate loyalty points. Just play different games on the site! Note that for every single dollar that you are going to wager, you will attain a certain number of those loyalty points. The precise number of points achieved will depend on the kind of gambling game that is being played. Apart from that, note that some games pay more points per dollar of your bet than others. For instance, Casino Mate slot games offer more loyalty points than table games (these are blackjack, roulette, poker, and so on) as a rule. 

Exchanging Loyalty Points

Let's imagine you have accumulated a great number of loyalty points on your account. What do you do with them? Actually, every participant can redeem them for a certain range of prizes. These are such rewards as great cashback, free spins that you can spend on various slot games, and other bonuses and perks! This feature is highly profitable since you get a chance to play for free for a couple of rounds. What is more, you can increase your VIP status after earning some loyalty points. This means that more remarkable rewards unlock for you. By the way, the exclusive VIP program is worth mentioning as well.

Casino Mate Loyalty Club

Before you start playing you also need to know about the Club Mate. Basically, this is also a reward program with the same objective as loyalty points. One of the essential godsends of the Casino Mate loyalty club is that it provides you with great cashback. In other words, reaching a certain VIP level means that you are going to receive cashback on your losses. Can you imagine? When you do not have a fortune and lose from time to time you still can benefit from it somehow. Cashback will ease your pain of losing and help you recover from being empty-handed. Apart from that, members of Club Mate get a feature of expanded limits of their withdrawals and invitations to countless exclusive events.

What you also should be versed in is that Casino Mate Club contains five VIP levels. The first one is called Bronze. It is going to develop into a Silver one, then into Platinum. As you might have guessed, the Diamond level is the best out of all five. Achieve higher levels to experience nice offers. For instance, those who have a higher tier get access to incredible VIP tournaments, wonderful private parties, and even trips to different nice destinations. What is more, they have a right to receive help from a dedicated account manager in case they need personalized support. This is how players gain superior assistance with any issue.

Finally, you can discover a great feature of Club Mate that is called "Loyalty Boosters." If you earn them then you move up the loyalty tiers much faster. This is how you will be able to enjoy more bonuses and benefits sooner than others. Actually, there is more than one way to acquire Loyalty Boosters, such as playing certain games during specific promotional periods or by completing fun challenges and tasks. 

To sum up, Casino Mate Club is a great aspect of the platform that makes it effortless to win more funds and get involved in a lot of cool games. Loyalty points are also easy to acquire so you can spend them on various prizes later. We guarantee that you are going to enjoy this function because it is genuinely helpful. Begin playing and collecting Casino Mate loyalty points in a jiffy!