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The Neosurf at Casino Mate

Neosurf is a relatively modern and simple payment method that is slowly spreading. The service provider has already secured their position in Casino Mate as well.

Since there are more and more players looking for a way to make deposits with NeoSurf, we have investigated the topic in more detail. For you, we have created a short step-by-step guide on how to make payments with NeoSurf at Casino Mate.

This is how fast the deposit is with Neosurf

The Neosurf deposit at Casino Mate is relatively simple. But how fast are such deposits actually? A Casino Mate with Neosurf is usually super fast! A normal bank transfer to a casino usually takes three to four days.
With this payment method, however, the whole thing looks quite different. Here, the deposit usually takes only a few seconds. That is, as soon as you have made your deposits, they are also directly on your account and can be used to play. However, pay attention to the Casino Mate bonus conditions so that your deposit is high enough to receive free spins or the welcome bonus.

How does the Neosurf Casino payment system work?

But let's start from the very beginning! How does Neosurf work in Casino Mate in the first place? For this, we need to take a closer look at the payment. Namely, the company offers so-called cash vouchers. These vouchers are also called prepaid cards or vouchers. You can buy such a card both online and in a supermarket. You do not need to have a bank account or a special Neosurf account. All Neosurf prepaid cards can be easily purchased with cash and later redeemed on the Internet. Each Neo card contains a PIN code, which can be easily entered on the Internet, for example, when shopping online or in a casino such as the Casino Mate, to make a payment. The principle is therefore very simple:

1. Buy a Neosurf prepaid card.
2. Enter the PIN code at the casino.
3. Receive casino bonus and start playing.

  • Why use Neosurf at an Casino Mate?

Neosurf is becoming increasingly popular at Casino Mate, not least because it offers a number of advantages to its users.

The best way to pay securely and anonymously

Neosurf is a prepaid card system containing a long code of several letters and numbers. To use it, you'll need to enter this code following a precise procedure. Under no circumstances will you be asked to register before using this payment method. This prevents the online casino where you make a deposit from knowing your identity. Thanks to this operating principle, your transactions are also completely secure. What's more, with the use of the code, you won't need to communicate your bank details to the gambling platform.

An experienced payment system

Neosurf is a transaction method developed by the French company Delta. Specializing in the processing of financial transactions, this company already boasts a wealth of experience in the field. It masters all the necessary details to ensure the protection of an online transaction. What's more, Delta has focused more on updating Neosurf in recent years. Its aim is to offer a service that increasingly meets the needs of its users.

The security and reliability at Casino Mate with Neosurf

Casino Mate also place a great emphasis on security! Since online casinos are mostly about real money, it is important that a great emphasis is placed on security. In the list below we have written some security features that Neosurf have among others.

  • Gamblers verification to be of legal age
  • SSL encryption for secure deposit
  • IP tracking to protect casino customers
  • DDoS Protection against hostile attacks

Depositing and withdrawing with Neosurf

If you want to play at the casino, you need money. Most often, the best online casinos like Casino Mate offer a welcome bonus, free spins or other types of bonuses for new customers. However, if these are used up, you have to get to your cash reserves! However, here too there is some info that you should keep in mind when making a deposit. First of all, one should know where to buy Neo-Surf. This is possible on the internet or in a local supermarket. Also, the Neosurf card is available in different variants. If you want to buy this payment method, you have to decide in the market if you want to use a 5 €, 10 €, 15 €, 30 €, 50 € or a 100 € card.

In addition, Neosurf offer so-called restrictions. Say, you can not directly deposit several million euros in an online casino. Our test has shown that, as a rule, a minimum value of € 10 must be reached when making a deposit or deposits in general. However, the maximum deposits may not exceed € 1000 per day. Therefore, it is best to find out what the maximum amount is directly before making a deposit.

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